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Although you may like tea, coffee, berries, tomatoes, or tobacco, these are the biggest sources of dental discoloration and stains. This is why SEDA Dental of Jupiter offers an effective solution if you would like to enhance your teeth with Zoom whitening procedures. As a popular treatment for professional teeth whitening, our skilled dental team is happy to perform both Zoom whitening treatments. Depending on your concerns, available time, and budget, we can help you select the Zoom method that is ideal for you at our Jupiter, FL facility. 

Best Candidates

Your Zoom procedure at SEDA Dental of Jupiter will be chosen and personalized to give you your ideal results. For quick results, QuickPro is great at removing surface stains caused by drinks, food, and tobacco products. WhiteSpeed also treats surface enamel stains, but it can also correct discoloration caused by certain medications and aging. At your initial consultation, we will examine your teeth and help you select which process matches your goals and needs. You may also want home whitening kits: Zoom DayWhite or NiteWhite. 

What To Expect

If you want WhiteSpeed or QuickPro, you can plan your treatment so it follows your cleaning at SEDA Dental of Jupiter. This will eliminate tartar and plaque so the whitening treatment is evenly applied to your teeth. As soon as your teeth are clean and dry, your gums will be covered before the process starts. For QuickPro, the enamel is painted with whitening varnish and then covered with a sealant for protection. After the enamel has been evenly treated, you may go home. After about 30 minutes, you will be asked to brush your teeth to remove the varnish.

For WhiteSpeed, a whitening gel will be painted on your enamel. As soon as the enamel is evenly coated, a light will activate the stain removal treatment. These steps will be completed three times lasting around 45 minutes. Any remaining gel will be cleaned off of your enamel before a final gel is used to reduce sensitivity and fortify your teeth.


A member of our team can go over post-treatment steps to take care of your teeth following your whitening treatment. The best way to keep your results is to have a good oral care regimen at home with frequent flossing, brushing, and mouthwash rinsing. Scheduling cleanings at SEDA Dental of Jupiter can also help to remove stains from your teeth and keep your mouth clean. You should also try to not consume staining drinks, foods, and tobacco products if you would like your enamel to stay white. You may enhance your results with at-home whitening kits and schedule another treatment in our office when needed.

Insurance Coverage

Zoom treatment is a non-medical procedure so it is commonly not covered by your dental insurance company. At your initial consultation, we can explain your choices and help you choose the procedure that matches your cosmetic goals and budget. We may also talk about the payment methods we accept and low-interest medical financing to make your Zoom whitening treatment affordable.

Zoom Teeth whitening

Do not waste money and time on messy store-bought teeth whiteners. Make an appointment at SEDA Dental of Jupiter to find out more information about professional Zoom teeth whitening treatments. We can discuss your options and the treatment process before crafting your personalize Zoom whitening plan to reach your aesthetic goals. Contact us in Jupiter, FL to experience a brighter smile.

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