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Prior to the placement of a dental implant, there needs to be healthy bone density along with enough space for an implant to be placed without touching the nasal passages. If necessary, a surgical sinus lift may be performed to help you become a candidate for an implant. At SEDA Dental of Jupiter, we will get you ready to receive an implant with sinus lift surgery. Inadequate jawbone height, poor bone quality, or sinuses that can be too near to place an implant are reasons why you might require a sinus lift, also referred to as sinus augmentation surgery. The sinus floor is moved to ensure an implant will be easy to place. Schedule an appointment at our practice in Jupiter, FL to learn more about dental implants and sinus lift surgery.

Best Candidates

Nominees for a sinus augmentation may have an insufficient area in the top jaw to get an implant if the sinuses are excessively big or too near the jawbone. In your appointment, a digital x-ray will be used to measure your sinuses and jaw and ascertain whether moving the sinuses and/or a bone graft will be a suitable plan of action to prepare you for an implant.

What To Expect

Sinus lift augmentation is an advanced surgical process that is completed at our office. If necessary, a bone graft will be prepped. A surgical incision will be placed in the soft tissue in the back of the mouth. The gums will be moved to show the jawbone. The bone graft, if needed, will be put in place before the sinuses are pushed higher and further from the jaw. Lastly, the incision inside the gums will be stitched.


Following your sinus surgery, you might be written a prescription for pain relievers and antibiotics that will assist you through your recovery. We will also talk to you about the best way to take care of your incisions by giving you instructions prior to the procedure. You will need to schedule another appointment about 1 – 2 weeks following your sinus surgery to remove the stitches. The bone graft may require a few months to heal until an implant may be scheduled.

Insurance Coverage

For patients with insurance, we will speak to your insurance to confirm your policy and calculate your personal expenses. If you do not have dental insurance, then we can speak with you regarding payment options and provide you with more information on medical financing.

Sinus Lift Surgery

If you are eligible for a sinus lift, preparing the jawbone is vital to the achievement of the implant. Dental implants require good support in the jawbone until they may be set up, and a sinus lift procedure will continue to keep the implant from interfering with your nasal cavity. We welcome you to contact our practice in Jupiter, FL to schedule an appointment.

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